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If you are looking information about rural tourism in galicia, here you will comment attractions that can offer you the zone of influence, it is a pleasant year-round place since it has no saturation travel in no time and offers great wonders to enjoy in the area where the gastronomic culture that you can not try if you have the opportunity to dress the zone standsGalicia hides incredible places for visitors, such as the old town of Santiago de Compostela, the fantastic and magical Camino de Santiago, the beach of cathedrals in the coast of Lugo, the Roman walls of Lugo, the Termas of Ourense (As Burgas), streets and tapeos in A Coruna, the Tower of Hercules, the famous Costa da Morte (coast of death) and Cabo Fisterra (Finisterre), the Green and wonderful Rias Altas, the gastronomic and touristic Rias Baixas, the castro de Barona, its famous wines, and if you were not enough, the considered the best beach in the world in 2007, ACE Beach Rhodes in the cies Islands. Besides galicia provides the best places of hot springs to take a relaxing bath, resorts, hotels, and the best instalacones prepared to receive tourists throughout the year, no doubt also has some excellent cottages galicia which not is you can ignore if you are planning a stay in the area. The wide range of self catering holiday rentals offers from the rooms for rent with right to breakfast, cottages with kitchen, self catering holiday rentals muxia with all kinds of meals, cottages for rent. also we can distinguish houses of the coast and inside houses the first defendants in the summer and the second in the winter but in summer the most complete are the lodgings..