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European Grayling Fishing

European grayling – a fish of prey, live in the rivers north of European part of our state. Selects the cold rivers, lakes, streams, rapid river. Grows up to 50cm and weight of 2-3 kg. The most successful fishing season is at fishing Urals during the 15 June to early October, but we should not forget a lot depends on the weather. If summer comes early, a good bite going in the second half of the month, and when belated – it can often begin in July. Places catching grayling not in every river grayling wants to look in search of food.

To find just such a stream, where there is a grayling, we must adhere to these rules. First of all, in the river should always be current. The most productive fishing – in places with rifts and fast flowing. Under the rift is the area in which there is a sharp expansion of the river with a gradual weakening of the flow and the decrease in the depth of 1.5-2 m to 1 m Here grayling often rests either directly on the outlet is grounded, or a little above the river, but not beyond 30 meters from the start of rolling. Bottom in mestelovli should be rocky. Perfect roll when the deeper portion immediately replaced by a shoal.

When a bank is too large for the fish should look not only directly in the shallows, but also on Reach. It is advisable to roll located at a distance of about 1-1,5 km from the mouth. Find a river with perfect conditions difficult. If the rift near the mouth of the river is missing, you can often catch a grayling in the mouth, right on the coastal rocky spit, alternated with difference depths of up to two or three meters from where grayling and goes for food. Always better than the rivers with silt bottoms and a very weak current. In such places, often pike. Best Fishing Grayling in the northern Urals on the rivers as , , Colville, Wells, Vishera, Niols, Birch, Unya, Capelin, Uls, Volya and their tributaries. Spinning tackle on grayling. In order to accurately select it, it is necessary to focus on issues such as mass bait casting distance, the size of the fish. Dwell on Each of these factors. Casting distance. Most of the Ural fishing is at a distance from the fisherman, rarely more than 50 meters, and often only up to 30 meters, which means that the length of the rod about 6-7 ft (2,0-2,1 m) is more than enough. In favor not long rods and even says that the spinning of this length is easier to hold the bait. Weight bait. Bait is considered the number one spinner, whose mass is typically in the range of seven to fifteen grams. Therefore it is recommended to choose the spinning test approximately 5-15 g. For fishing in difficult areas will suit a more powerful spinning rod with a test range of up to 1928 size fish. Massa leading into the northern creek grayling mainly to one kg, but is sometimes pulled out copies up to 2,5 kg, which is really really trophy fishing.