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_ Excessive barking. _ Destruction of objects. _ Do wells. _ Scratch the doors of access to housing. _ Permanently howl. _ Do not eat. All these reactions manifesting the dog have nothing to do whatsoever with what many people assume that the dog thing ago as a protest or by anger that has towards its owner.The dog has no thoughts of protest, reactions of rancor or offense, these things belong only to the behaviour of human beings.

The dog no reason nor elaborates thoughts as we do people.It only reacts to trying to eliminate some of their accumulated energy and thus overcome the separation anxiety and anguish.It is notorious in these cases as the dog will not peel off its owner when it is at home, she follows him to all sides, is permanently aware of what he does, altered emotionally a few minutes before the owner leaves, performing the ritual of output that it performs daily. It begins to bark, howl or scratch the door and still being worse after the departure of its owner, then get him warmly on his return as if several days that you don’t see it; even if the absence is only 1 hour. How to correct this undesirable behavior is first trying to modify the Hiper-apego of the dog to its owner and secondly using a plan of programmed outputs. If you want to know what are these two simple techniques and everything you need in order to solve the anxiety separation in dogs of your property or helping friends with their dogs: visit my Blog now by entering in the following link Click here original author and source of the article