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Considering that ' ' the modern man is an animal in whose politics its life, while to be alive, is in questo' ' (FOUCAULT, apud, DREYFUS & RABINOW, 1995, P. 148). Biopoder portraies the control or regulation of the population. Foucault makes is analysis by means of a social, historical, philosophical boarding and the genealogical one of the power. To understand what it is genealogy for Foucault reveals basic for the development of any research that it uses as practical of relations of forces, in the order of them to be able and to know, gifts in the different spheres of the societies developed for the philosopher, if insurge against the universalizantes theories that if present as explicativas of the totality of the social phenomena on the part of as many modern metanarrativas. What it is genealogy? Which the meaning of the genealgico method? From where it comes? Which its relation with being able? Which differences this metodolgico procedure restores? Still discoursing on this, Defaulting it says: The genealgico approach is not, however, a simple empirismo, ' ' nor neither a positivismo, in the habitual direction of termo' '.

It is treated, in fact, to activate to know places, discontinous, disqualified, not legitimated, against the unitria theoretical instance that it would intend to purify them, to hierarquizar them, to command them on behalf of a true knowledge …. The genealogies are not, therefore, positivistas returns to one form of more intent science or more accurate: the genealogies are more accurately anti-sciences. The genealgico method is, therefore, an attempt to desassujeitar to know descriptions to them, that is, to become them capable of opposition and fight against ' ' the order of discurso' ' ; this meaning that the genealogy does not only search in the past of singular events, but that it today places the question of the possibility of acontecimentos' '.