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Measures against influenza A H1N1 In order to meet the peak of cases of influenza A H1N1, scheduled for the vitamins next few days, the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires decree health emergency throughout the province, as they allow expediting the purchase of inputs and the recruitment of personnel to strengthen the health system. Similarly, it was decided to suspend classes from Monday 6 with the aim of preventing new infections of the virus in public and private schools. The extent to health facilities was prepared in conjunction with the city’s government and suspend classes hospitals during the two weeks before winter break that begins formally on day 20. Thus, the extension of the period came to classless July 31. The suspension of honey classes was announced yesterday at a press conference at centers the Casa de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, in Buenos Aires, attended memorial by the Ministers of Health and Education Aires, Claudio Zin and Mario Oporto, and their peers Portenos, Jorge and Mariano Lemus Nadorowsky. The officials asked parents to the suspension of classes is not interpreted as extended winter vacation. In this regard, they recommended home isolation for seven days to prevent flu symptoms and attend events and places with massive concentration of people to combat the spread of liquid influenza A virus. Emergency health emergency declared by vitamin Governor Daniel Scioli, meanwhile, went medical center into effect today at 0 and have an extension of 90 days. The decision includes a series of administrative measures to combat the new virus: the decree allows the purchase of inputs facilitate and mobilize funds for eating the addition of more staff to the health system at the peak of respiratory diseases. The draft states that ‘under current epidemiological reality and pervasiveness of the disease to prevent and avoid infection is necessary to enact the measure’ for 90 days. As for the incorporation of new staff, the minister explained Zin today in a news conference with Governor Daniel Scioli and other officials of the provincial cabinet to the health emergency ‘to simplify the incorporation of medical staff and retirees, medical students, or for example, two thousand physicians who were presented to the tests of residence and did not enter because space is a thousand ‘. ‘Now add the fact this virus but the complications of conventional seasonal influenza, but the complications of virus bronchiolitis, and thus requires us to sixfold increase in response to a demand that historically never reaching these limits,’ said Zin . Moreover, the provincial health portfolio issued a provision for residents and benefits chief residents of children’s clinics, general medicine, community pediatrics, medical clinic and infectologia will address the tasks of strengthening needed to contain the demand for hospitals for seasonal respiratory illness. Moreover, from the Provincial Hospital was resolved disaffected workers from the health team who are pregnant to reduce their exposure to infection since they constitute one of the risk groups for influenza. Meanwhile, the provincial labor minister, Oscar Cuartango, indicated this morning that was resolved justify the absence of those public sector employees who belong to the groups considered most vulnerable to influenza A H1N1, as the case of pregnant women or those affected basic respiratory diseases, eg asthma. one of the best health insurance plans is offered to you by strives to offer affordable health insurance PREVENTIVE MEASURES AGAINST FLU-Wash hands frequently and disinfect them with alcohol gel several times a day. -Avoid sharing utensils that are brought to the mouth as the mate, cups or glasses. -Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze to prevent spreading of viruses. -Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.