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Guise to simmer for 45 minutes, placing few amounts of water that do not dry completely meat Reserve to be used more forward dough: place the flour and salt in a bowl or on the table in the shape of a Crown, i.e. making a hole in the Middle; put butter, eggs and sugar with the tip of your fingers, mix the ingredients while the water is gradually incorporating in little. Knead until mixture is thoroughly uniform, soft and moist, and not sticking to the table or to the fingers wrap the dough in plastic and let it stand for an hour Cupcakes: flour a flat surface and with the help of a rolling pin, roll the dough until it is very thin, but without breaking (least in cm. Thick) with knife divide dough in two: one half is used to place fill and the other to cover it place the first layer of dough and moisten with water the surface where will be placed the filling; place small portions of this (5 cm. approximately of separation between one and another) up to use the entire length of the mass spread the other half of dough and cover the first with this with a round mould or a cup (of about 8 to 10 cm in diameter), cut into circles around each filling with the help of a fork, puncture the Center so that the air can escape and crush or press the edges to seal and decorate put them in a floured pan heat oil in a cardero; Fry the pastries to fire medium until browned Optional: can substitute the same amount of shredded chicken meat and prepare in the same way another option for filling can be white cheese, smoked cheese or soft cheese with little salt, ricotta or cottage cheese with Leek garlic or chard, finely chopped or also can Saute mushrooms and incorporate them with ricotta. Tips: With the mass excess of the cuts remains, you can do torrejas. Cold small pieces of dough and leave them bulge then sprinkle sugar and you’re done.