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Agricultural Federal university of Pernambuco – UFRPE Full Licenciatura in History Unionism and Work force the Weaving of the Conflicts of Classroom in the City of the Chimneys constitutes a gigantic effort to understand the nature of a form of domination established in this counterpoint: capitalist social relations in which the work force if finds immobilized through the housing. With this work, Jose Sergio Lopes Milk continues the examination of a problematic one that already he met delineated in its first book, the Value of the Devil (1976), in whose last chapter, when analyzing the characteristics of the market of work of the laborers of the sugar plants, were worried specifically about the meaning of ' ' immobilization of the force of work for moradia' '. Originally written as doutorado thesis of for the Program of After-Graduation in Social Anthropology of the National Museum of the UFRJ – and I more than contend a work of research of seven years -, book Lopes the Milk develops a fan of problematic from a central focus: the analysis detailed of a definitive group of laborers, submitted the particular relations of domination, for, exactly, studying in depth one ' ' more general standard of one form of specific domination, of the plants with village operria' ' (P. 15). The joint of distinct the problematic ones that if they unfold from this central axle makes in such a way of workmanship one of the works most ambitious in the relatively recent field of one ' ' social anthropology of the classroom operria' ' , as well as in the field of the analyses of the formation of the laboring classroom in Brazil. However, the Weaving – as it clarifies the author – an essentially monographic book constitutes, in which in we see them introduced, throughout one six hundred pages, in the universe of the social relations that compose the life of the laborers of the So Paulo Fabric Company, installed in the State of Pernambuco; as much in the life ' ' dentro' ' of the plant, in the land of the work processes, as in the life ' ' fora' ' of it, in the land city that, being until has few years of property of the company, it constitutes the symbol of the power of the company on the sphere of the reproduction of the workers.