Cranberry Cottage

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Cleaning Furnace

Thus, we spread 7.6 series, and then lay out a rectangular section tube to a height of 12-14 rows of bricks. That's it. Fireplace is ready. Allow to settle before laying fully cured solution for 2-3 days and can, in principle, to begin operation. At what points you should pay attention, laying the furnace: Do not lay out an opening the furnace is too high (7-8 rows of bricks), it will worsen the thrust in the pipe and all smoke will go to you and not the pipe. Be sure to lay out inside the fire brick, it will not crack from the facing brick temperature drops. The tube is just not worth doing is too high – make a 13-16 series (as well risk to reduce cravings), furnace bottom refractory bricks lay out, and make sure that the bottom of the furnace did not have any curbs on the front wall (this will greatly facilitate the cleaning of the furnace from the ashes) can now be putting the marafet: install a sink and faucet, stretch hose for connection to water and sewage can be a concrete countertop on top to cover the natural stone (we did so in effect) or to make a wooden table top, pour or tiled area in front of a fireplace (we filled the house screenings, and laid out in the country paving slabs – both in its good).

For added convenience, you can install on site a couple of shops around sites do pergola and plant vines or other climbing plant, or make a tent … then you can add anything you want … Now you have your own piece of paradise for relaxation and comfort in the outdoors with your friends! In our family this technique has been tested for years. One such fire in our cottage is functioning perfectly for over 8 years. We are there and roast barbecues and branches with leaves burn … With all the features of the structure to cope well. Thought about the cleaning and developed a cutting table at home – has been very helpful. Now you do not have to run a home for every little thing, because you can just place all the wash, cut, cook. Place under the sink freed from the need to have a shed for firewood – they are stored under the sink in the dry and excellent ventilation. The main thing in all this is that now we do not have to wrestle with where to go for the weekend and who will be the sober driver, because all my friends can gather in the city and have a great time in the fresh air!