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Choosing The Best Anti-Virus

Antivirus program – designed to detect and eliminate viruses, and worms, spyware and dangerous variety of programs to prevent their spread and prevent recovery programs infected with viruses. The main tasks of modern antivirus program: – Check and scan all the programs and files in real time. – Check and scan of your computer on demand. – Scan your Internet – connection. – Check and scan your email. – Blocking and protection from dangerous attacks of various Web – sites.

– Treatment with the restoration of damaged files from viruses. Best free antivirus program: For those who want a good antivirus program for protection only against viruses, I can advise Avira AntiVir Premium. Undemanding to resources of the antivirus software with excellent opportunities to detect rootkits, and, of course, viruses. However, as with all antiviruses have Avira AntiVir has its disadvantages. To broaden your perception, visit Secretary of Agriculture. He has no email scanner and built-in antispyware. Update of the antivirus rare than other antivirus programs, and sometimes do some time updated. Secretary of Agriculture is open to suggestions. Also, Avira AntiVir does not support the Russian language.

Alternative anti-virus Avira AntiVir antivirus program is Avast 4.8, which is devoid of the above deficiencies. The package includes modules Avast Antivirus to protect your computer from spyware and rootkits. The kit also includes a scanner checks for suspicious processes in real time, the scanner checks the e-mail and scanner connections P2P. Pluses Antivirus Avast!: – Low power consumption resources – work on machines with older versions of Windows – supported by the Russian interface Cons Antivirus Avast!:-need for free registration (annually)-a high percentage of false positives is noteworthy anti-virus program AVG Anti-Virus Pro, a package which contains anti-spyware module, scanner eMail and control system for phishing. Well detects viruses and quite frequent updates. Cons antivirus program AVG Anti-Virus:-large size of the program -Load on the system for weak computers, when installing the panel imposed AVG Security Toolbar to search from Yahoo listed above antivirus programs can compete with many paid antivirus software. But not all. Improve the protection of computer can be using brendovskih commercial anti-virus, which possess excellent scanners, caused by the user. Regular scans help to catch viruses that have missed the main antivirus. However, when properly configured antivirus program, the value of manual scan falls. The above-mentioned anti-virus programs can be used as a handheld scanner launched on demand. For this when you install Avira AntiVir or Avast! need to use a custom install and disable the protection in real time. AVG Anti-Virus is put on hand-held scanner by disabling protection after installation. Dr.Web CureIt! or Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool can be used as additional scanner. It is portable antivirus software Dr.Web and Kaspersky, are used to remove viruses on your computer. Dr.Web CureIt! or Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool is not updated, so you have to constantly download the full article. Warning (caution): 1. Using more than one anti-virus real-time antivirus programs will cause conflicts and will increase the load on the system. Use only one antivirus software to protect your computer in real time. 2. In addition to an antivirus program for comprehensive protection of the computer, use firewalls and anti-spyware programs.