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Bulgarian Need

Next to the nozzle of pancakes – circles to whittle down both sides to a diameter of 25mm. This can be done only on machine for processing metal, so to make will need to find any shop in which the master himself for you carved stamp on the drawings. You can do differently: just buy on metalobaze circle diameters 25mm. Cut Bulgarian two pieces the size of the neck. To make the pancakes were kept on the sides and assembling at the middle – you need to hold down the two metal clamps (sold in any market, clamped with a screwdriver). The same clips can be made and locks on to same principle. And yet satisfied that such weights.

Locks Dumbbells So stick with us are ready, proceed to the construction of locks for the neck. Let us examine them more closely. For Locks you need to circle diameter is 40mm, and just 10mm – for clamping pin. Download drawings Lock Dumbbells you can use from our site, link listed at the bottom of the page. 2,14 Mb *. bmp Next round should be cut into four pieces. And running tap them through a drill diameter 28.

This can be done at the drill press, holding the piece in the grip of the machine and armed drill 28mm. Further details in the resulting side need to drill a conventional drill (or machine) 8mm hole. In this hole with a tap on 10mm machined thread (should have been held at the school).