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A costume party always generates great expectations both for guests and for those who organize. Those involved will be intrigued about outfits will use the other guests. You can surprise family and friends with an original and fun, costume that won’t go unnoticed. To achieve the best look, with unique and bizarre details, can be purchased at various stores items and accessories that will help you to achieve a sensational outfit. Touring different parties and holiday cottages are a number of objects that have surprised us, and that certainly can adapt to the idea you have in mind for your costume. Among them we can highlight: wigs: no doubt there are an unimaginable variety of wigs in the market.

Of all kinds and for all tastes. You can find wigs of judge or Lord of medieval times, Rastafarians, multi-color (ideal for Carnival), of Marilyn Monroe, afros, combed wigs punk and 1960s type, are just some of the examples. In the end, surely some of the proposals are customized to your claims and will fit with the wave you wish to achieve. To highlight features or give shade and get a better finish in disguise we can go to the wide range of maquillantes and colouring products. Vale highlight, among the great variety, the following proposals:-body makeovers in various shades of ideal skin to transform into moreno or acquire a toasted Caribbean, or become the Incredible Hulk. They are of easy application and endure over time. In turn, they can be easily removed with SOAP and water. Most importantly, does not stain and are libes toxic, which makes them extremely safe and reliable products.

-A vampire or serial killer, would not be credible if not wearing some trace of blood. That is why are marketed products that imitate to perfection. We can find jars with liquids in intense red colour or in capsules with powders, than to the moistened they take the desired color and consistency. With this you will manage to give realism to your outfit. -Shadows for eyes in radiant, perfect colors to Hawaiian costumes. -The glitter gel allows you to brighten in the desired area, is a product of easy application and does not present complications. -The Spray modelers for hair, will help you to accommodate your hairstyle or leave your hair ready for the placement of any wig. Awaits you you’re ideas you have been of great help to get the costume that will surprise at the party.