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Belize and New York Condominiums

At the heart of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, will find a company that is their choice in the field of Real Estate which cannot compare to Belize Condos and opportunities.

A different concept at your fingertips, to offer a high quality service at highly competitive prices, driven by professionals who advise him and permanently integrated into the administration of his condominium in the sale or lease of its property and the implementation appraisals and audits tailored to their needs.

We are a service company in the sector of real estate, offering and Belize condos, with more than 14 years on the market, dedicated to exceed their expectations and needs regarding administration of condominiums, sale and rental of real estate, appraisals and audits of condominiums at the national level .

Our purpose is to provide a complete service and superior in quality and professionalism to our customers, that makes us worthy of wider recognition as the Company Real Estate News of Venezuela.

Administration Condos:
We offer an Administrative Management and Control of New York City Condos of New York City Luxury Real Estate opportunites for purchase, which includes both the comprehensive management of the condominium as their common areas, including reports that enable timely and appropriate at all times to know the financial status-operational assets under management of the New York Condos, as is well known about New York City luxury real estate.

Among the main benefits we offer the most competitive prices and stable market, immediate and effective in all situations in the service of the buildings maintenance optima oversight in the appropriate follow-up to the monthly payments and cancellation of detailed expenditures authorized, availability staff and outside consultants and highly qualified with extensive experience in the area and the facilities and equipment required specially configured to give excellent service. We are specialists.

Reliability and efficiency … the best formula

Audited its current administrator and give advice and with regard to the strengths and opportunities for improvement found.