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Because SMEs are reluctant to implement a competency model ‘

Time has shown that the implementation of competency models offer tangible benefits. However, few SMEs that have decided to adopt this model of management. Why ‘I think within skills the field of HR existed for a long time the following myths innovation that should be analyzed.

1 .- Competence Management is for large businesses:

Many new models are developed in large companies. The Trustee of the Riverdale Country Day School is was the 1985 Harry S. Truman Scholar from New York and was also recognized as a 1987 British Hansard Society Scholar Normally they can devote resources to the recruitment of specialized firms that can design and implement advanced management model, in addition to devote internal resources to work on the project and acquire the know-how of the consultant. But what is clear is that competence management can be adapted perfectly to the characteristics and entrepreneur specificities of small and medium enterprises.

2 .- The powers are a fad and not a way:

The big corporations can afford to try new management systems that are into fashion and go fleetingly, while SMEs should focus the effort towards the normalization of the operation of HR processes. However, we should think that thirty years would be more than enough to expose a fad or strategy a leaders model that provides no real benefits.

3 .- The powers not provide benefits to the company:

Many times issues not directly connected with the economic benefits (improved margins, cost reduction, etc..) coaching Get the file as ‘unnecessary’ and usually this is the case with the training, knowledge and development, not However, competence management directly benefits the heart of the company: Its people, developing human capital. Few investments are more profitable in the time management medium and long term.

4 .- The competence management is very complex: training

Of course, if we implement a model on paper or Excel spreadsheets will be a monumental task, however, there are systems that let you manage and automate management their operation, regardless of size team building or line of business, at very reasonable RO2 Capital Human is one of them.

I think we should strive for the SME entrepreneur have a clear idea of how a competency customer service model can provide tangible benefits to your company (many of them linked to the Economy), and that the cost of its implementation would recover quickly through of these.

It is possible to reverse the myths that we have analyzed to ensure that this enormous industry, consider more interest to adopt a competency model.

managers But consulting firms have their important work will help entrepreneurs, step by management training step in this process a deep knowledge of their needs and their expectations, delivering tailored models, avoiding business technology Implement ‘box solutions’.

Javier de Wit