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Real estate tip: the mere fact that many famous people in Hollywood (Angelina Jolie, Pete Brett), and prominent businessmen and politicians are buying real estate in Panama says that today Panama is one of the best places to invest! Panama for Latin American countries, like Switzerland in Europe. Large construction companies in the U.S. and Europe started a real struggle for obtaining contracts for construction in Panama City. Currently in the capital by a number of major projects to build housing extra class, such as the Trump Ocean Club Pacific Village, Revolution, Yoo by Starck, Isla Viveros (a private island for eksluzivnoy public). This high-class housing is sold quickly even at the preliminary stage of construction: Prior to laying the foundation.

Assumed a huge influx of not only investors but also a new generation of e-commerce specialists and treyderov, who consider Panama as a possible place of residence and conducting biznesa.Takie conglomerates like Hewlet Packard, Proctor & Gamble move their branches in Panama. Today your hotel in Panama City are overcrowded. Prices for rental housing have risen more than doubled. And the boom has just begun! climate Panama is located in Central America, east of Costa Rica and, in contrast to its geographic neighbors, are not subject to hurricanes and earthquakes. In Panama, there are different climatic formations, ranging from the cool climate of hills ending with a warm climate beautiful beaches of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and tropical jungle. Typically, the temperature in the valleys remains unchanged throughout the year with the highest mark to 33 and low to 24 degrees Celsius.