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Amelia Rural House

, the portal of the cottages, has launched this month a new drawing of a rural stay as usual 5 years throughout the Spanish geography. This last giveaway underway is novel because for the first time offers a rural stay for 8 persons 1 weekend, something that so far had been for 2 and 4 people. Rural accommodation which has collaborated with this Sweepstakes is Amelia Rural House, a wonderful rural house located in the Northwest of the region of el Bierzo, wedged on the slopes of the first mountain Spurs that culminate at the peak of the Miro (1990 m) by its south slope in the province of Leon. In the first week, participated in the draw more than 5,000 people, record so far among all rural sweepstakes that has made, estimating that the total number of participants over the publication of the draw is about 25,000 users. To participate in the sweepstakes, it is only necessary to enter 3 data in a form that is filled in 30 seconds, by What from here encourage you to all Internet users in this succulent sweepstakes., it is one of the portals of reference in the Guild of rural Spain portals, and currently has more than 12,000 followers on Facebook, where they are informed of news portal-level rural accommodation, news, sweepstakes, etc, being one of the most watched in social networks rural portals.