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Amaya, a navy of Olite.

The familiar sounds of summer, the air of celebration, fireworks, wind, thermal, hubbub in the port, we are in August and the European summer days are in their higher signal. However, the sea remains true to its rate of winds, tidal wave, of light and shadow. When more heat makes the day, paradoxically shortens and points to the arrival of the storms: the barometer begins to oscillate up and down and fall looms. Meanwhile, we are cruising the sea surface wind driving. The sea is ours: we have done our effort to hand on the helm and the creaking of our ship, bagabundos but certain to return. Recent days have been fruitful, travel to French waters and always matches the beauty of this life at sea. We were able to visit the Saltillo, the ship of the Navy School of Civil Portugalete, which was moored in the bay of Hondarribia. We saw it one day and siquient, we have berthed alongside at his side and visit the evening. The Nautical School students, future sailors, we get excited and jump to see our ship, much smaller in comparison, but different and by sea, interesting for them. I am veteran explain our work, our systems, our spirit and encourage them in their studies by saying that what they learn is important for possible life at sea. These features a young man of about twenty years called Amaya, is Olite and is beginning his studies for the Navy, with a great illusion and much convincing. He says he has always been its illusion and that this in its path. Meanwhile, our crew searches the ship that was the summer of the Spanish royal family: Don Juan de Borbon, sailed on for several summers with her family. At dusk, trying to navigate and follow our return. The photos of the trip