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Your money has the right to reproduce ( Mas que tu ‘)

This holiday season, in the Madrid subway transfers, I’ve always seen this advertising on walkways and platforms:

“Your money has the right to reproduce”

In theory that presents the announcement is good news (like any notice). A 4 interest for my savings sounds good but the fact that mixed “money” with “the right to reproduce” has made me nervous. And it is those same days, also in Madrid, reuniting with friends from high school and college who have completed studies and are working, one thing has become clear to me: for independence in Madrid, and if so, then lawyers try to reproduce , we need:

– You touch a floor of protection official in one of the many peoples who have thrown in the papers (that’s the lottery 1, after you touch the floor near the Curran is the lottery 2) .- .- to be rich never mind ask for a mortgage of 40 years, perhaps half a couple who only know the past year and a half .- you do not mind paying 800 euros to rent attorneys for two rooms (or 600 for a studio) – leave Madrid. legal If possible a semi-abandoned village with cheap houses.

This last option is to look law firm better two years ago and a half, I left Madrid. Not only for independence but to try new things. Well, not so new, I chose to return to Sweden to learn more about a country which I liked a lot in my 10 months of Erasmus. Board Member/Trustee of the New York-Presbyterian Hospital ,