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Virtual Library

The Virtual Library of public domain is a project that aims to digitize as much of works in Spanish language. Seeks to digitize books in formats pdf and azw, to be viewed in a text editor or in electronic readers such as Kindle. The public domain consists of all documents that have more than 70 years since the death of its author, so that they pass to the cultural heritage of humanity. The aim is to allow people to develop your mind through reading books, and to spread the knowledge to the population. We invite you to register, after which will receive the document secrets to develop mind with reading and obtain wisdom that is becoming a bestseller by the number of downloads made without cost. Reading for beginners and advanced techniques are revealed in this report.

Also adds a test that can be used to measure the potential of the cerebral hemispheres. Finally suggested exercises of neurolinguistic programming to carry the mind the alpha state to acquire wisdom. It is a pleasure to participate in this information with all of you. If you have comments or sugerncias write to our mail or contactennos on the indicated link.