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The Reunification Of Loans

We are tired of seeing a lot of ads that invite us to reunite all our loans and pay less to make ends meet in press. But do we really know that it is the reunification of loans? advantages we offer? do conditions have to have so that they give us? We will try to give an explanation to all this. That is the reunification of loans? There are many families who each month have to cope with a series of payments on some debts and that adding them represent a very large amount of money. As well, there are banks that offer the possibility to cancel all these debts and has change getting a mortgage by the value of the sum of all of them. Advantages we offer? The interest of the new mortgage will be much less than that is this currently paying for all loans that we have, so it will save a lot of money.

To treat a new mortgage loan allows us to renegotiate all the conditions such as the term of amortization, qualifying periods, etc. We will also have to make a single payment per month. What conditions have to take so that they give us? The main condition for granting us the refinancing is housing whose value must be greater than the sum of all our loans outstanding (including mortgage, if any). In reality, the operation is quite simple, we went from paying very high interest for our personal loans (between 10% and 20%) to pay mortgage interest by our new mortgage (about 2% or 3%) with what saving is quite remarkable. The case is that many banks are not willing to assume debts contracted with other various banks, with what these operations can only contract with banks specialized in this type of tasks. In refinance we conducted a study and offer you the best conditions to market in the fastest and easiest way, and with the confidence that transfers a company with over 10 years of experience in the sector.