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The Reader

21. Heroes should be the same as in appearance and in character names. Then you can play on non-conformities, draw funny and problematic situations. Remember this trio easily. 22. Even better, when the appearance, character and name match.

Then there are immortal images such as Gogol's Box, Sobakevich. The reader does not arise dissonance, but rather the opposite. For example, launched a heavy jaw, large predatory nose, eyebrows and Mephistophelean name dandelion. Well, how? This is used in comic novels, or when on a lead hero comic line. But the hero of the frivolous do not expect anything serious, that can give a spectacular ending, when he abruptly changed, will unlike anything on it. 23. You can not do a third novel, the protagonist of one, then throw him to the second, then third.

Each change of character is perceived as a death. All felt a keen regret, the end of book, but extension no. No wonder so popular serials. 24. Main idea can be taken at the very end. Read by anyone, because they want to finish the job. Then a ride, even moral, although it is not necessary to do this from a purely professional self-respect. 25. If you can think of related words, synonyms, then use them instead of the same type of repetition. The uniformity creates a grater. But if anything does not come to mind, it does not excel: get worse. Synonyms for something, and synonyms that are not fully reflect the meaning of the word.