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The Data

A computer is an electronic device conceived to manipulate symbols, given, with rapidity and precision; to receive given from entrance and to process quickly them in order to get given of exit, established in instructions that also are given of entrance. The data processing is represented in this project: Data of entrada> Processamentos> Data of exit. The entrance data are the information passed to the computer through the entrance peripherals that allow to the interaction human being with the machine. The processing of the data is the attainment of results of some calculation or the generation of image, the responsible one for this activity is the processor, that beyond processing the data is also the controller of all the functioning of the machine, operating the devices of entrance, storage and exit. Data of exit are the generated final information through the processing of the entrance data and arrive until the man through the exit peripherals. All this process is generated by a series of interconnections between the components of inside of the computer. The microcomputer is formed by components physicists or the hardware who are: Cabinet that a unit of electric source possesss and rabbet places for the plates that are groups of electric circuits that command the computer and its peripherals.

The plate mother as soon as possesss integrated circuits that recognize and manage the functioning of the hardware and in it he is connected the processor, allowing the processor if it communicates with all the installed peripherals. Processor or CPU is composed for an arithmetic and logical unit? ULA – and a control unit? UC – and a central memory that has the functions to carry through calculations and logical comparisons, to keep the functioning of the hardware and to manage in the core storage the program, the data and its processing. The core storage or memory RAM is incased in the plate mother, is volatile, the more memory RAM the PC, will have greater rapidity in the functioning.