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Stages Of Building The Foundation Plate

Laying a solid foundation slab. Not the cheapest option, but in this case, the optimal. Align the base by hand after a rough work bulldozer, which removed topsoil, aligning the base by hand. With the help of ordinary shovel, rail and arranged level flat surface. On the basis of future formwork lined pit box of bars skolocheny "ladder" – the basis of future molds. Stiffeners to the bottom of the base plate to the inside of "ladders" vertically nailed planks, forming a so-called "sandbox".

Spaces between them form a stiffener the underside of the base plate, which are based on the load-bearing walls. Prolivka sandy substrate with water "sandbox" filled with coarse sand, which is abundantly poured out water. Then seal the base of sandy thoroughly compacted sand. The result is a very dense surface on which the shoe leaves no imprint. Shelter sand compacted sand base hiding a thick plastic film, which attached to the boards of a stapler. In hot weather, a good film is stretched in hot weather, the film becomes more elastic and stretches well. Fixing the formwork around the perimeter of vertical ladders dig in racks that hold formwork. The top casing is aligned strictly in terms of outer casing made of boards nailed to the posts, which are further reinforced struts.

The top casing is aligned strictly along the level. Set lower reinforcing rods for reinforcing rods are laid marking the lower grid and attached to skeletons with wire twist. Install mounting straps to the lower bound of reinforcing wire mesh are mounted so called "Chanterelle" (snap), which then fastens the top mesh reinforcement at 200 mm. Laying of concrete from the mixer Finally comes the concrete. Laying of the "mixer" is fast and without problems. Mark and mobility concrete specified in the Contract with the mortar site. The distribution of concrete mix concrete mixture is evenly distributed on the formwork. The horizontal surface is defined boards shuttering. Leveling concrete surface of the concrete surface is aligned with the wooden lath. Base plate is obtained by a smooth and durable.