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Specific Methodology

In this scene, from what it was rank, the education of geography goes to allow that the pupils make relations of systemize form of its realities, despertando them for the understanding of its space organization. Of this form, this education model will have as objective, to form citizens, what it differs from the neoliberal politics applied by the PCNs, as a humanistic geography that it aims at to form only mentally ill individuals for this politics of the Brazilian State. Therefore, this new form to teach to geography, having the space as product, condition and way of reproduction them social relations, makes with that the pupils start if to identify with its space of daily use, starting to know it of particular form through some looks, therefore, from the geographic knowledge, we get abilities to understand our way, over all the relations stopped in the space. In this manner, we conclude that this pertaining to school geography citizen who sees the space as historically produced by the man, and the necessity to know it of systematic form better to organize it in a society perspective more joust and igualitria, must be the pertaining to school geography that more adjusts the formation of conscientious citizens of its papers as citizens participants of a dynamic society. BIBLIOGRAPHY CAVALCANTI, L.S. pertaining to school Geography and the construction of concepts in education..