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Saturday Adrian Pracon

The survivors of the massacre on the island of Utoya recounts the chilling moments of the shooting. The armed man was seen very safe, quiet and low control, knew what he was doing, witnesses have. Double attack in Norway: at least 92 dead. There is a detainee, linked to the extreme right and Christian fundamentalism. The police is looking for a possible accomplice in the double bombing of Norway. Survivors of the massacre on Friday at the small island of Utoya (85 dead), next to Oslo, capital of Norway, have told their horrifying experiences during the shootout. The armed man was seen very safe, quiet and under control, knew what he was doing and told us loudly that everyone would die, he recounted this Saturday Adrian Pracon, one of the witnesses of the attack on the Norwegian island of Utoya.

Many of them the dead were made once the shooting began. Adrian Pracon, of 21 years was one of them. He remained lying on the ground for hours, protecting yourself from bullets with the bodies that had been to her around. I and two others more we were lying and we survived because we had bodies of people us around and pretend to be dead, said Pracon to the CNN.I could feel her breathing and feel his boots, added this witness of the massacre. How he began the shooting while Tranter authorities outline a detailed chronology of the tragedy, are beginning to know some tracks thanks to the testimonies of the survivors. Pracon told the BBC and CNN chains details of the moment in which the man entered this Friday in the youth camp in Utoya, where people began to run in search of sanctuary when the shooting began. The witness recounted that he was working on the field information booth when he received a call by radio to warn him of the attack in Oslo and that a police officer would come to camp to view them, but soon after heard shots.