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Proximal Development

Folclrico: The game as expression of the infantile culture through the diverse generations. The tricks that are offered the child must be in accordance with the development zone where it meets, in such a way, the importance of the professor can be perceived to know the theory of Vygotsky (apud Camargo, 2005). The Zone of Proximal Development is taken, many times, as one of the development levels, however, is necessarily about the intermediate field of the process. Being the potential development an incognito, since still it was not reached, Vygotsky claims its identification through the agreement of the Zone of Proximal development. Being overcome as premise the real development as what the citizen consolidated of independent form, the potential can on the basis of be inferred what the individual obtains to decide with the aid of a mediator. Thus, the proximal zone supplies the indications of the potential, allowing that the educative processes act of systematic and individualizada form.

Knowing this zone of development, the educator, as mediating between the pupil and the social environment, could offer to the experiences necessary pupil to advance it. To offer very advanced experiences, beyond this zone, would not be beneficial. For Vygotsky, therefore, the professor is the mediator between the pupil and the social environment and needs to offer the adjusted experiences, inside of the capacity of assimilation of the pupil. In accordance with Hunter (2005, P. 9) ' ' the toy provides learning? fazendo' ' According to author the psicomotor performance of the child while he plays reaches levels that only exactly the intrinsic motivation obtains. He assumes yourself, still to exist one close relation with the child and an undetermination how much to the use, therefore, without rules fixed being support of the trick it can be understood as being the material dimensions, cultural or technique. The concept to play that perpassa our daily one is sufficiently moralista.