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Porcshe Cayenne

I’ve always had the question that’s going to happen with all Porsche Cayenne, BMW X 5, Audi Q7 etc when they are vehicles with more than 10-15 years. They are powerful cars, which spend a lot and have a few repairs with much cost, also aren’t exactly to go for bread. I understand that the version as M3 and M5 are considered in the future as a classic car, and many lovers would pay real nonsense for them, even in a sorry state to go gradually restoring. By visiting the section of occasion of SUVs in the magazines, even I see fairly large price for them, around 20000 euros. There are still people who want them to hesitate or to have an I want and I can not but then what will happen? They announced their SUVs for 5000 euros, I certainly will not be your buyer, so will I need a car of 5 meters and 2 tons with 300000 kms and spends about 10 15 liters to 100.

Here in Spain it is unworkable, although there will always be some who buy them maybe take them to countries in developing, to sell them there often happens quite often. In countries of Eastern Europe or perhaps any of Latin America they will appreciate them enough, many in fact or have sold only imported. Or perhaps you donate or export to poor countries in Africa, where would come quite well, only thing would have to adapt these vehicles for its climate. I don’t think that I will circulate with wheels 18 inch and tyres with profile low by the dunes of deserts. They are also vehicles which pollute a lot and with the policies of Europe’s sustainability and pollution will be very difficult to pass the ITV.