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Pecs Muscles

1. Pump up the pectoral muscles: inner edge and the middle part of the pectoralis major muscle / sequestering activity / Separation and "striped" muscle techniques Adjust the seat height (and / or arms) simulator Peck-Deck so that when you take up arms, upper arms were level with the shoulders and forearms and elbows firmly pressed against a soft pillow for persistent hands. Sit evenly and push back and head to the back of the simulator. Put your feet wider shoulders so that the feet were strictly under the knees (the angle at the knees straight). Breathe in and out, holding his breath, reduce the palm rest in front of chest. Breathe out when overcome the most difficult part of the movement. Once will reduce your elbows as close as possible (the highest point of exercise), the 1-2 second pause and try to exert even stronger chest muscles. Slightly relax the muscles of the chest and allow the handles gently dissolve your elbows up until they would be in line with your shoulders or slightly behind (lower point).

Reaching the lowest point, stop and re-Keep your elbows. Tips Do not dilute your elbows at shoulder line, if your shoulder joint is not flexible or if the chest muscles are weak and inelastic. Allocating the elbows behind the back creates an excessive burden on the shoulder joint and bodily injury. To avoid damaging the shoulder joint and at the same time, the maximum load the chest muscles, not in any If not relax them in a negative phase (when you dilute your elbows and return to the lowest point of exercise).