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Networking In Nn Generates Business

Business & networking we are growing and growing the number of associated companies. This makes we can be proud of having generated 1300 contacts between entrepreneurs and that these 1300 contacts generated 1,040 businesses made between our partners since our inception in April 2009. As time passes and thanks our partners have learned and have taught to generate business in a quick, efficient way and knowing voice of our partners to attend our meetings is a breath of fresh air in these times of crisis and is not any obligation rather than a gathering of friends want that attend. I can enunciate different opinions of our partners:-I have taught public speaking and for that I am grateful. Juan Carlos Flores de Indater 2000 – I’m tired of going to visit employers and all informing me that they have to close, they have to lay off and when I come to a meeting of N & N me meeting with entrepreneurs eager to overcome this crisis and leave her with optimism and a desire to continue fighting since there are others like me who do not surrender. Yolanda Ruiz Barahona Gestoria Ruiz Barahona – thanks to N & N did collaborations with other entrepreneurs who have made me stronger in my company. Angel Espinosa of cyan It Services. -With N & N we have generated many businesses.

David Harvey of Harvey Lluch consultants. -If I missed many meetings ceased to generate business. Jesus Perez dot per inch. -I would have never thought that it could have as customer to a Royal House and thanks to N & N it I got Sandra Rodriguez of Corporanza. I could list hundreds of comments that have made us go ahead because it works! It is a satisfaction to verify that all our partners are generating business, some more than others, due to the activity that they perform. Every meeting, every month, every quarter, passing makes us continue to innovate and put tools in the service of our partners so that they continue to generate business in their companies.

-Advertising on our website that is positioned on the first page of Google with the term networking. -Network social N & N where only allowed businessmen, entrepreneurs or people with projects. -Transfer of our networking meetings to partner companies, so that the company that you are recommending can see firsthand. -Different events with presentations of networking in which we are looking for partners to have greater visibility in the Spanish business fabric. -Advertising of our partners with the newsletter of N & N which is sent to about 1000 companies. -Events semester in which met all N & N partners so that you know and seek collaborations. -Collaboration agreements with different public entities and associations. -First sustainable Networking for business concienciadas with the environment to be performed monthly. -We help to make the call for any event that our associates perform. Speaking candidly Gregg Engles told us the story. Always say to our partners that any suggestion or opinion that comment us to help them and orchestrate all elements at our disposal to make your company visible and that our maxim is to generate business. As always I invite you to our business meetings so that you can see in person that all of this is true and that we work for you. You know you can do so through our website.