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How important breastfeeding? Breast milk – the best food for babies. It has all the material necessary for the child in the first months of his life, which protects it from various infections and reduces the risk development of allergic diseases and diseases of the digestive system, promotes the harmonious development and the formation of normal intelligence in the future. Breastfeeds allows you to save a close contact with his mother. A nursing mother should eat right and enough rest. The menu should include a variety of cereals (buckwheat, oats, rice), stewed fruit, meat, poultry or fish, cheese, cottage cheese, milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables. It is not necessary take in food garlic, onion, horseradish, spices, because These products give the milk an unpleasant smell and taste. By introducing a new product to it slightly to try and see the reaction of the child if the baby's skin rash, should eliminate this product from the diet, after a while then try again. To maintain lactation young mother must adhere to certain rules: – Apply the child as often as he needs it.

– Do regular breast massage. By the same author: David A. Wagner. Top-down, push in a circular motion moving the fingers towards the nipple, and then, holding the nipple between thumb and forefinger, slightly pull it out. Gently shake the chest, leaning forward to help the milk come down. Very well when taking the soul to make the water jet massage scattered. – Observe the daily routine: sleep – 10 hours a day, walking – 2 hours a day. Comments: sleeping, of course, the big problems. Recommend to sleep during the day with a toddler. Then do not feel so tired.

A walk will still have – the child is also required. – 30 minutes before breastfeeding to drink tea with milk. – Multivitamins for nursing mothers – reception constantly. – Shower, massage, RN Seitz: After breast-feeding and pumping milk (if you do it), breast cancer, which is fed, pour hot water (45 degrees) out of the shower while pursuing massage in circular movements from the nipple to the periphery and the top down, with stsezhivaya milk. The duration of 5-10 minutes. Procedure is carried out 2 times for the left and 2 times for the right breast during the day. – Night-time feeding required! All this enables you to successfully feed the baby as much as you need it.