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IBM Study – Supply Chain of the Future

management jobs up issues that I have tried lately on this blog, but in this case in support of a study published by IBM in January-2009. A study that will be drawn part time jobs as the supply chain of the future. I’ll try to translate here what I found most interesting. Tuned because this is what is coming. The study begins by identifying the 5 challenges of the future: cost containment, risk management, job search client relations, globalization …. and especially … VISIBILITY. The report records that the uncertainty has become the main rule of our business and this new environment requires different supply chains, supply chains consultants much more intelligent. But … que son intelligent supply chains’ logistics information supply staff chain, historically created by people, will be generated increasingly measured by sensors, agencies RFID tags, GPS’s and other devices and systems. Consequently, the supply chains of the future shall know without antecedent sales jobs levels of collaboration, as suppliers, manufacturers, distributors … an amazing success is is a very talented business man alone are human resources not inteactuen in the chain. To these were added the materials and products, who may communicate in jobs in real time and make decisions without any human intervention. The expedition of goods from the docks of a supplier, the process part time of materials in an assembly line, unloading a pallet in a distribution center … all this information will be provided and shared by the products themselves. The source of logistics information will be trucks, shelves of stores, the linear outlets and moving objects throughout the supply chain. The product flow and information flow will tend to go hand in hand. And all this information will be apparent transparante and on the web for all actors in the supply chain, bringing the Bullwhip effect should have their days numbered. This new scenario may even lead to a rethinking of the problems and shortcomings in the management of the supply chain. Today when we speak of the agency main problems in the supply chain management, always come out the shortcomings of the type information is not shared, “” lack transparency “,” low visibility “. But beware … in the scenario of smart supply chains that are beginning to glimpse the problems will be like “there is too much information”, “transparency we fear”, “information flows too fast.” This post is based on the study “The smarter supply chain of the future”. You can access the executive summary of the survey by clicking here. You can access the complete study by clicking here.