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Hexagone Language Centers

Hexagone language centers chain favors language immersion through a complete range of courses abroad, both English and French. It is, as is explained its makers, a comprehensive service, and not the mere hiring of them, because each student is facilitated not only the inscription to the course most appropriate to your language level, but is responsible for overseeing all the necessary steps so that its sole concern is learn and enjoy: stayinsurance travel, flights and displacement, visas, etc. In addition to the warranty that supposed experience and prestige of our mark, all the schools with which we are currently working are recognized by official agencies endorse this aspect in each country, says Gaelle Schaefer, Director of Hexagone, and also belong to the most prestigious sector associations. In English courses, Hexagone offers the widest range destinations in the world, for both young people (under 18 years) adults. Thus, it has with students traveling to London or Dublin, as major European destinations, but also others who opt for more exotic destinations, such as Brisbane or Auckland, in Australia and New Zealand, respectively. In terms of the Gallic tongue, offers courses in destinations more attractive of France: its capital, Paris and the Riviera, famous worldwide for its pristine beaches. As a guarantee of quality, all schools belong to the most reputable groups of certification in the sector in what refers to the teaching of French as a foreign language, such as Maison de la France, Souffles, Eaquals, ALTO or CSN. In addition, and so the younger (from age 5 and up to 16) take advantage of the summer school break, this chain of language centers offers summer camps in Spain, ideal for working to fund English language, in Alcala de Henares (Madrid) and in Leon. The development of such camps is carried out at the farm La Esgaravita, in the case of Alcala de Henares, and on a farm and cottage at La Robleda (Leon).