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Cold rooms perfect these cavas of storage are ideal for facilities such as supermarkets, marketers, corporate casinos, great restaurants, hotels, distribution of food, hospitals and places where the volume of service is very high. Cooling and freezing equipment can be evaluated according to their ability to freeze. Cooling capacity and storage depend on the size of the structure and capacity of the cooling system, so it is essential to determine the amount of product being cooled and store the correct size of a refrigeration unit is determined by three factors, the first of which is the volume of product to be cooled and its packaging. The second factor is the minimum time required for cooling from the beginning at the end of the same, to prevent the rapid degradation of the product. The third factor is the nature of the constructive design of refrigeration, namely its size, the system of management of the air and its operation unit.

It is important to also determine the location and layout of installation, Foundation and floor used, other parts like doors, evaporators, among others, ensuring a watertight seal on the unit and that the device used does not damage the ozone layer. The construction of a structure for storing and cooling is an implied investment in the maintenance of the quality of the same, therefore materials and workers to be used must be of the best possible quality. Design of cold rooms, is a science and those who wish to acquire these computers must advise very well, with the aim of ensuring your investment. The ideal is that those who make cold rooms for sale, work with high quality standards that will ensure the reliability of products or raw materials brought into them. No doubt choose a company of refrigeration experience and excellent references in this field, will allow a greater chance of success in any project that has to do with construction of cold rooms.