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Food Preparation

That prepare the child prepare food for the child is often a big problem! This I do not want it I will not! – Most states little gourmet sweets to her parents. So how do you decorate a mess that would be 'child', with pleasure was eating a meal would be useful for both cheeks? MariBella Kasha, above all, must be tasty. Let's face it – sweet. However, for variety you can give and salted, for example, buckwheat. Semolina do with raisins, honey and butter. Oatmeal – with apple. Millet – also with raisins and milk. There was also a children's 'trick' – to put cereal in a bowl with a pattern on the bottom, and in the process of eating to look for a bear, bunny, or really anyone out there painted.

Alincha I know from experience that children can be coax virtually any food. Enough to go on one of the ways: unusual to decorate a dish or come up with 'ads' for him. Variant of jewelry: 'The Castle' – the usual mashed potatoes in the form of slides. Sour Cream 'draw' windows, door. 'Gay man' – semolina with raisins laid out his mouth, nose and eyes. etc.

Since advertising is even easier. The same thing mashed with sour cream – this dish was very fond of Snow White. A carrot pudding eat the bunnies, and then superbly jump. Main properly present. ps At one time worked in a kindergarten. Very strange to hear from parents about 'is he does not like', 'it does not eat it at home. " So that in many cases, refusal of a child something to eat – just wine parents. And we are preparing together with his son. Him two and a half years, but he was happy to help me. Interferes, whisk all. Even the dishes washed. Cleaning up after this sea. But all cooked eats both cheeks. Elenkakiss I think kids will be interesting idea with canapes! Approached, grabbed like not hungry and it is so interesting! I love to cook these canapes: cheese + bread + cucumber or cherry tomatoes cheese + ham + cucumber or cherry tomatoes (you can black olives) ZErTull We often son preparing curds: cottage cheese with fruit and sour mix in blender. If you are not allergic, you can add a spoonful of honey. You can also make useful sweetie: grinder grind dried apricots, prunes, nuts, cookies. This mass knead honey, form balls, and put in the fridge! Your kids will be satisfied! I am your daughter cook meatballs, whipped in a blender fele chicken (the main thing that has not been lived) and added to the salt and egg and beat again blender, it turns out watery, I take it with a spoon and spread on the pan, they are prepared very quickly and very gentle, my daughter loves them very much there. Annet You can make fruit salad, my kids love it:)! It's simple! Fruits take those who have or those we love,:), cut, and runs the yogurt. Instead of yogurt, you can use sour cream with sugar:). But further include fantasy, and decorate:)!