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Fleurop Relies On E-billing By Euro-log

Top service with flowers and electronic invoice Hallbergmoos, December 13, 2010 the Fleurop Germany AG uses since the middle of the year the E-billing solution by EURO-LOG for the electronic create, sign, and send all invoices. Thus Germany’s leading flower service could accelerate the payments, reduce process costs and significantly improve customer service. Principal flower greetings”will receive their invoice directly after delivery of flowers via E-Mail in PDF format. This benefits in particular about 7,500 registered business customers who can claim the tax using the documents to the tax office. Because the entire process of electronic invoicing complies with the legal requirements ( 14 sales tax law, GDPdU, GOB). Fleurop saves this process in many respects. In addition to the Elimination of the cost of postage and printing were the internal processes greatly simplify and accelerates. Especially the integration of the E-billing solution to the SAP system contributes to the optimized processing of Fleurop at.

Through an adapter connected by euro-log, the account data directly from SAP are transferred and redirected to the E-billing application for processing. With confirmation of delivery, generates and sends the system invoices then automatically and without delay. Within a few months after the introduction of the system for savings be realized on the part of the sender and receiver enormously: as hit alone paper, envelope, printing, enveloping and sending a traditional invoice with around two euros. Editing a paper invoice the recipient can cost up to 14 euros depending on the distribution, filing system and search routines. To get all the consequential costs resulting from delayed payments or search efforts. With the cross-company E-billing solution by euro-log, up to 85 percent of these costs can be saved. So senders and receivers by throwing the conventional sending paper invoices on the tax allowable, electronic submission of invoices in shortest time business successes. Specialist in IT and process integration from Hallbergmoos near Munich facilitates the acquisition of E-billing solution its customers very pragmatic.