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Key deposit PiNkey provides surrogate keys in about 40 minutes of Oberweissbach, July 25, 2011 – in many States, the summer holidays have already begun and this year many tourists go to their holiday home in the mountains or by the sea. But what to do if the House or apartment in the distant homeland? In this case, large key Depot PiNkey offers Germany () with the secure storage and delivery of a Zweitschlussels for the vacation home a practical solution. The holiday season is the best time of the year. Has you but to home leave the key for his holiday home, this persistent clouds the mood. But instead of to reverse to get the key, the holiday with PiNkey can go relax: “PiNkey delivers the required spare key around 40 minutes locked-out travellers – just call us. So, you will save much trouble, time and costs for the return journey or a needed key service”, explains Steffen Malessa, Board the PiNkey AG. Even when working at the holiday home access can be temporarily craftsmen from afar. “The annoying driving, when renovation or repair work, is therefore superfluous to the holiday house.

Also craft in case of an accident were given access as soon as possible”, Malessa. The same applies to the own four walls at home: while on vacation, tenants to do so are obliged to keep a spare key to the landlord for the emergency. Has it stored a keys for PiNkey, you can cause easily the publication of the Zweitschlussels in the failure from the holiday location. Security and data protection have top priority at the key storage: only the duplicate is in the respective regional PiNkey partner anonymously in a special Vault kept. The customer data are managed separately from the key at PiNkey headquarters. The key Messenger receives only information about the agreed exchange point for delivery and -Password. The consumer-friendly service is already available in more than 650 cities and many holiday destinations in Germany.

Storage a key for PiNkey costs only 2,49 Euro in the month or 29,88 euros a year. Upon delivery of the spare key, a one-time access fee of 15,00 euro will be charged (all prices incl. 19% VAT). For more information about PiNkey and the possibility of ordering a set of key storage, see. Printable photos free of charge: de / pinkey company description about PiNkey: PiNkey AG is the provider of nationwide operating key Depot. With over 70 delivery partners, the company offers fast delivery of spare keys in case of need. This service is complemented by the PiNkey key Finder, a special key ring, which brings back a lost bunch of keys to the owner. Behind the PiNkey AG a motivated team with much competence and many years of experience in terms of customer service and Data security. With high operational readiness and commitment, the team is together with its Federal delivery partners concern for a smooth, best customer service and compliance with highest safety criteria. Steffen Malessa and Niels Nussler Board members have extensive know-how in services, as well as in the safe handling of customer data. Headquarters of PiNkey AG are Oberweissbach in Thuringia, Germany. More information under: printable, free of charge photos: company contact: PiNkey AG Steffen Malessa Samuel Santos Street 16 98744 upper Weissbach Tel: 036705-20077 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Tower PR Holger Depenbrock Leutragraben 1 07743 Jena Tel: 03641/507081 E-Mail: Web: