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The Crimea has always lived many nationalities. Representatives of their native culture here can meet not only the people of all former Soviet republics, but even the Germans, Italians, Koreans, Gypsies, Hungarians, Czechs, Poles. Crimea occupy about two million people, more than a million of them are Russian and Ukrainian, so the culinary customs of these people are sort of basic. But mixed with the cuisines of other nations living in Crimea, there were original and distinctive food culture which has not met any where in addition to the Crimea. As the Russian food, he once ate Russian czarist aristocrats and political figures of the last century had dacha in the Crimea, You can also try semi Crimean champagne under the black or red caviar and Crimean sturgeon. Or roasted pig with red wine – a favorite dish of Nicholas ii. Well, if you want cheap and cheerful, then taste loved by all dumplings, and in extreme heat, thirst perfectly utalit . Ukrainian people have very close ties with the Crimean Peninsula from the time of the Crimean .

Chumaky went for salt trade in peacetime and in wartime raids – all it served as a blend of cultures, as well as cooking is one of the important species of each culture, so Ukrainian cuisine has spread in the Crimea. Ukrainian dishes have become part of the Crimean family. Borscht, dumplings and pancakes with cottage cheese, familiar to anyone with children. And the third-largest today are the Crimean Tatars. Kitchen has some features Mediterranean cuisine and perfectly compatible with all the classical types of Crimean wines.