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Cottage Bathroom Construction

Since the sewage gardens is not provided, the first thing to do in the area – is to build a well-known "little house" – cottage bathroom. Similarly, the established rules regarding its placement is not There, as lay-suburban area may be different. But some mandatory requirements should still perform. Cottage toilet and must have a well at a distance of between about 25 m. In areas with a slope well placed at higher elevations than the toilet house. Should not be approached toilet closer than 5 m to the buildings and the adjacent areas must withdraw at least 1-1.5 m near the toilet unit suburban terraces, verandas not recommended, as in the summer of her extended tang. Cottage toilet with their hands can be divided into a pit latrine toilet, tub with a sliding-closets and powders.

WC in the cesspool: a – section b – sealing of the sump, 1 – tying (d = 140 mm), 2 – Vent 3 – rack frame (d = 140mm), 4 – hatch, 5 – odernovanny slope, 6 – frame of tarred plates, 7 – layer of clay thickness of 350 mm, 8 – half of the tarred 40-mm plates, 9 – filling peat layer of 180 – 200 mm if the water table is close to the surface, the sump can not be done. Instead, it is better to make a slide-out tub. If you intend to make a toilet with a cesspool, it should be on the bottom 1 m above maximum (autumn-spring), the groundwater level.