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Contemporary Applications

Awnings and canopies have long been used for different purposes. They are used in city buildings and private homes. The main purpose of these structures – protecting people, buildings and transport of atmospheric effects – snow, rain, wind and sunlight. In addition, canopies and awnings serve a purely aesthetic function – they decorate the facades of buildings, giving them the original, recognizable form. Canopy over the porch immediately makes the house unusual and different from the other.

Have a particularly elegant wrought-iron canopies. Official site: Peet’s Coffee. Having established such a canopy over the entrance, can any building personality and an additional charm. In modern conditions the most widely metal roofs and canopies from polycarbonate. Metal roofs can be of various shapes made of stainless steel or painted in different colors according to RAL metal. They are very strong and well resist weathering. Good strength differ, and visors made of polycarbonate. In addition, they have a high haze and fire resistance, and flexibility of the material allows products of different shapes. Are made of polycarbonate and carports.

Metal construction with a coating of polycarbonate safely protect vehicles from rain, snow and falling leaves and debris. Visors and awnings are used not only in urban areas, but outside the city. Shelters for questioning can be used to protect the arbors, pools, parking lots, greenhouses. Also used to give visors made of polycarbonate or wrought iron canopies. Forged canopy over the porch of a country house makes it not a simple structure of the dacha, and a cozy cottage, which has a special, and in some cases even the mysterious atmosphere. Canopies and awnings – this design, needed almost everywhere. Modern technologies allow to establish practical, functional, aesthetic awnings and canopies in the city and the countryside.