Cranberry Cottage

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Construction Design

Global aspirations of people over time have not acquired a significant change. As in ancient times, it tends to the arrangement of his own life, building homes. Today, in addition to living space in apartment homes, the choice of a person is stopped and the individual home. Construction of houses, cottages and country houses gets incredible popularity. Construction process rather time-consuming and is divided into several stages. They can be arbitrarily combined into several groups: design, material selection, site preparation for construction, directly to construction, finishing work. Designing in construction of houses is very an important stage in the preparation. You have to properly account for all loads, design features, especially topography and soil for future construction.

No less important is the choice of material of which will be implemented build a house. The abundance of materials available today, enable us to construct a variety of designs. All cottages are also popular construction of wood and brick. Development of technologies and materials for construction was characterized by the appearance of a variety of panels, blocks, etc., which led to an acceleration of the process. Proper site preparation for future construction of the cottage – the key to successful completion.

When choice of place of foundation, installation of drainage systems should be implemented with a view to the future landscape of the site. Since the execution of the preparatory work hard to adjust itself during construction. Very an important stage of building cottages is the ultimate interior home. Interior design – a tool for creating a cozy atmosphere. The desired colors, lighting design that fits the style of furniture – all important components of the final phase of construction.