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Characteristic Bombs

set in motion water superficially SOURCE: Proper quantity. The installation of the joint wheel of water and bomb obeys the comment of five factors considered for the Rochefer, one of the companies manufacturers of the set; being they: 1-Distance or length of the tubing; 2-Unevenness (height of bombardment); 3-Outflow for drive; 4-Height of fall for installation of wheel e; 5 – Daily water consumption in liters. The diameter of the water wheel and the used bomb are dimensionados, as given of TAB. 3. TABLE 3 – Characteristic Bombs of water wheels? Rochefer. SrieModelo D sadRecalque (M) Diameter of wheel x Mini- width bombPB-321/2′ ‘ 2501.10×0.13 APB-383/4’ ‘ 2501.37×0,12 PB-45180 PB-51140 BPB-571’ ‘ 2201.90×0.22 PB-70150 CPB-761 1/4’ ‘ 1502.20x 0,36 PB-89110 PB-10280 SOURCE: Rochefer, 2009. 4,3 Outflow and the necessity of attendance of the hydraulical devices. Stano Jnior (2007) describes that one of the parameters to install a hydraulical equipment is to determine the available hydraulical power and for this, is necessary to determine the outflow of the water course, mainly in the months of lesser outflow.

(AZEVEDO NETTO et al, 1998). The outflow of the courses of water is formed from the precipitations that fall directly on the ground and of contributions of the underground water sheet (YOUNG CHICKEN et al 1975). According to Nimer (1979), in the Southeastern region of the country the maximum rain precipitation if verifies in the months of summer, and the minim in the winter months, having about 4 dry months being the most common of May September. Some dry stations can extravasar the winter and be drawn out until the beginning of the spring. In the Southeastern region, the registers of the lesser outflows of the water bodies if concentrate in the winter months, therefore capricious rains in this period contribute for not the recharge of the fretico sheet, and consequentemente for the deficit in the level of the water bodies.