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Bed Bugs

Each person shows reactions other than bed bugs bites, and they tend to get worse all those who stay more days bed bugs feeding on them. In general suck blood in ten to fifteen minute episodes, but it will be to recharge the batteries, because these uncomfortable bugs are able to survive for a year without food. Formerly the Bedbugs were a very common pest, but after the second world war the situation improved significantly thanks to improved hygiene (personal and housing) and the use of insecticides. The situation was so good that bedbugs were believed almost exterminated entirely. In the 1970s, broke the alarm of the danger that certain insecticides presented to humans and other animals, and banned the use of many of them.

Between this, warmer temperatures, and travel facilities (allowing bedbugs to travel in suitcases from one country to another in a matter of hours) we now have a plague around the world. Before this the key is prevention. Be sure to use anti-mite mattress, use high temperature washing cycles to bedding and vacuum and clean the dust from his house several times a week. Sounds exhausting, but in the long run it is better to face an invasion, do not hesitate. If you are too late, there are also solutions. First of all take deep breaths, try not to lose calm, and don’t let the Bedbugs can be with you. If you are looking for, you will find all kinds of solutions of people who walked as deranged as you may be now in internet.

There are who advises him that he kills by hypothermia vermin, advising that turn off the heating, open Windows and leave cold it flooded everything, useful perhaps if the problem is in full December. Not so useful in summer. To control the infestation have been search for the hiding places of bedbugs (usually at the seams and folds of mattresses and bedspreads at the beginning, then search for grooves and cracks in the walls) and there use specific insecticide for bedbugs. Do not hesitate to use insecticide in places like the bass from the bed, brackets and frames, and where there is no textiles in the room. Make sure that the insecticide buy can be used in mattresses, and always wait for the product to dry before you go to sleep on the mattress. In general, don’t expect that one only application is sufficient, still required almost always a second ten days later than the first, to kill bed bugs that newly born. In general the concentrations of the insecticides for domestic use are low. It is a laborious and often expensive task. If it is not able to cope with the task with all the dedication you need, consider consulting with exterminators professional, since it may be cheaper in the long run, and infinitely more comfortable.