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After 56 years of hunger for glory, the first gold of Beijing 2008

Review of Friday 22 August. Neither football nor basketball nor unfortunately the lionesses, the first gold was for Juan Curuchet and Walter Perez. And in John I stop a moment to reflect. Mind you a workout to lung strength, route circuits outdoors with the demands and constraints of any kind exclusive banking themselves. If this is added the tenacity, which decays with disease, climate, family dedication, not only lack claw and passion to get ahead, I think there is something else, entertaining these athletes through their triumph achieved. And blessed is the ideal to conquer the podium, which reflects a thread over our sport lost identity. It is the expression most beautiful and most pleasant gift that can receive an amateur athlete by the display of their physical qualities, temperament and wisdom, that which was demonstrated in our country in the year 1952, which brought us a golden hand of rowing by Capozzo and Guerrero, 56 years passed from this other daring, maybe a person’s life. Without underestimating the football and basketball, which only 4 years ago, in 2004 brought a medal, but there is a difference: the basketball and soccer have their funding Economy and play in groups. Instead these cyclists, so the double merit. But bridging that gap, you can understand something more interesting given the hand of an athlete who now says goodbye to the Olympics taking with this place in world history. A goodbye that remain in the memory of those who were near him inventing an illusion fueled by the athlete who daily did not lower his arms, and to juggle to train over 170 miles per day, for 11 months to reach 30,000 km, where the Chaco was the undeniable witness of that adventure and boldness. And now surely reinvent a smile back to back after so much distance. The spirit and strength of this demonstration of physical and mental prowess, surely will be kept at the stage of the new athletes who train as an achievement and most ideal example of struggle, what identifies us in global recognition. So the difference fijense sublime of Michael Phelps and his 6 gold achieved in the Olympics, his training base money on the bench, taking energy drinks, paying the best doctors and even denying their relationships, not to train, but to earn money. But among that number 6, I prefer to stay with 6 of John, ie with its 6 olimpicas interventions since 1984 in Los Angeles. With its 43 years of experience with its strategic partners have been more than a medal, have done a remarkable job of supply to the global sporting identity in Argentina.