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Learn to see the horizon from the today: perhaps the goal may seem distant at some point, but if we are able to visualize correctly we will know that we are heading for the appropriate path and that with patience no doubt that we will arrive, the book the secret of the power of goals demonstrates the power of a good display, when a person achieves an internal perspective of their goalsthen arguably you will arrive to the place which he himself has been marked as objective, you will have an internal force that will propel it dramatically. Create something good: one of the main functions of the human being is the creation, then to achieve excellence is necessary to bring something, seeking innovation, improve the existing, or replicate it well done, important thing is to deliver something that is valuable for ourselves and for others. Dreaming about what seems impossible: the impossible usually only is a perception, if We llevasemos airplanes and computers to the past of 500 years ago, many people will die and would not understand these inventions, however for us become so casual that we use them every day and many times or repair them, then it is important to think about that much more be achieved where we create as well internally. The continuous search for excellence is what has allowed man to fabulous discoveries, this has been possible because people have become authentic beings of excellence, no doubt that we can also achieve it..