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So there were seven arguments that ‘grist to the mill’ ideas about the artificiality of our universe. Two of them relate to the question of the divisibility of matter, space, time and movement. Computers operate in discrete mode and the information in them is presented discretely in separate memory locations. Consequently, the continuum of space, time, matter and motion would speak against our conjecture, and discrete – for. Memory and speed of computers is limited, but because infinity can not be represented in computers.

Therefore, if the matter is, space, time and motion are infinitely divisible, ‘Computer hypothesis’ would be meaningless, but if there is a limit – it would plummet on the scales in favor of the idea that our universe – a model in the computer. With regard to the discreteness of matter, then everything is obvious: it is not ‘smeared’ by space uniformly, but is concentrated in the form of bodies, atoms, nucleons, electrons, quarks, gluons, Physical fields, which in many theories are continuous, as opposed to particles, on closer inspection are also quantized. And what about the outside of the divisibility of matter, space, time and motion? The ancient Greeks Leucippus and Democritus say that there are indivisible atoms. Split the atom. But is our atom – is one atom, which meant the ancient philosophers? And there is what might be called, letter by letter from the Greek, ‘atomosom’, which is absolutely indivisible?